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I purchased my 2009 3500 SRW 4x4 6.7 in 2010 with right at 12,000 miles on it. I loved the truck, but I've always hated the cloth seats. I feel like it takes away from the overall 'niceness' of the truck when you get in and it has cloth seats. Also, for my 'regular' job I'm a Bosch and ASE master certified technician, and I'm the lead tech at a shop that works on primarily Mercedes, Porsche, BMW, and Ferrari - so anytime I work on a vehicle that doesn't have leather seats it means the owner was a cheapass, haha.

Anyways, from 2006 up until around 2008 I did heavy line and diesel at a Dodge dealership, and one of the things that I did from time to time was install the 'oem' Katzkin leather seat covers - basically if someone was buying a new truck and wanted leather, and the truck they wanted didn't already have leather, we'd peel off the cloth covers and install the Katzkin covers. If memory serves correct, the Katzkin wasn't the only option, but to get the actual Mopar leather seat covers was WAAAAAAY more expensive than the Katzkin, and our parts department kept the Katzkin stuff in stock. It's been a while, so the details are a little fuzzy, but I'm fairly certain that's how it went. Either way, I specifically remember the Katzkin seat covers being a colossal pain in the dick - the brand new not-yet-broken-in seat foam fit EXTREMELY snugly in the new leather covers. I don't remember there ever being any extremely good or extremely bad things once they were installed, and I never had to sit in them more than to pull the truck out of my bay and around to the parking lot, so I can't speak for their longevity either.

I knew from prior experience that, not only were the Katzkins an extreme headache to install (although, on a truck with 80,000 miles like mine, and well worn seat cushions, it probably wouldn't be as bad), but they are CRAZY expensive. I'm still able to get parts at 'employee' cost through Dodge, and even with that the Katzkins and/or Mopar leather seat covers were more than I was going to spend. I browsed around and saw a few other manufacturers, but they were either all too expensive, or I couldn't find any info on them - I don't want to spend over a grand on a set of leather seat covers only to find out they don't fit worth a . I called a local upholstery shop, and they quoted me around $2000 for leather seats - big fat that.

I began browsing around online, andfound a few mentions of someone installing seat covers from a company called Clazzio on one of the Dodge forums, but his was a 2010. I did some Googling and was able to find a handful of others with different make/model vehicles who had installed them, and they seemed to have good reviews. I got in contact with Tony at, who carries Clazzio seat covers, and ordered myself a set - they sell the complete set (front and rear) for $450. Insane price, compared to everything else I was looking at. They keep most single tones in stock, but they can do crazy awesome custom colors and such if you're willing to wait a bit - I really wanted suede, but since I'm impatient I opted for solid grey.

When I got them in, everything looked amazing. Total installation time was around 30 minutes, but I tend to be a bit faster with stuff than most. I could see someone who's never turned a wrench before knocking these out in around an hour or so. These covers don't replace the stock cloth covers, they just slip over them. I was a bit leery about this at first, as I've tried the 'top of the line' AutoZone seat covers, and they were super ty - I took them back and returned them haha. The Clazzio pieces actually fit GREAT. They were a bit tough to get on the back seats, and I had to cut holes for the front power switch and the lumbar support myself, but I took my time and they came out perfect. They look AMAZING, and I couldn't be happier with them. There is a tiny bit of looseness in a few spots, but in my experience with leather this is typical, and usually adjusts itsself out in a few days or so, once people have sat in it and it's been out in the sun. The only complaints I initially had were that the rear seat belt buckle spots were about a half inch to an inch off, and they only had one slot for the buckles to pass through (when they really should have a notch cut out, or a second slot cut - nothing that a few seconds with a razor blade didn't fix). It was shortly after this that I realized that I'm ing retarded and the slots were actually for the child seat anchors, and that the buckles should just kinda float free out there (so you guys don't go and do what I did and get it confused, haha). Just put the rear seat covers on and disregard the buckles completely, then just stick 'em up through the crack between the seat back and the bottom. The instructions included with the seats seemed pretty detailed, however I didn't read them - I'm a man, I don't need instructions for some damned seat covers.

I absolutely LOVE the seats, and I would strongly recommend these to anyone who wants real leather seats but doesn't want to pay an arm and a leg for them. Once they were installed, I showed them to a few customers (who drive high-end European cars) and asked if they could guess how much the upholstery cost, and if they were direct-fit replacement covers or slip-ons, and every single one of them guessed that they were replacements (NOT slip-ons) and that they cost well over a thousand. I couldn't be happier.

And no, of course I'm not going to tell anyone that they were less than $500, haha.

Here are a few pictures, it's actually surprisingly tough to get 'good' photos of my seats...but they give you a good idea. These were taken right after install, so the covers haven't 'accumulated' themselves yet...I also expect since I've got 80k on my seat cushions (except for the driver seat bottom, which I replaced recently) that they're going to fit a bit looser than they would on a newer truck, since you could call my cushions 'well worn''ll notice that the rears (which, other than the occasional horizontal mambo, don't get much use) fit much more snugly than the fronts, which further goes to support my theory that if I'd replaced my front seat cushions everything would look absolutely snug and perfect - BUT either way I'm still more than pleased with how they came out. I'll also be sure and post an update once I get some use in 'em.

And now for the photos!!

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