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I wanted to post a FIXED update to the recent "clunk" and "pop" in my front end that I have been experiencing. This all started after installing bigger tires and Bilstein 2.1" lift.

Basically right after I installed the Bilstein lift I started to notice a faint "clunk/pop" when driving slow (less than 15km/hr) over bumps or slight inclines and imperfections in the road. It finally got to the point of my truck feeling very sloppy / loose over bumps, even the smallest bumps. I chased what seemed like everything trying to determine what it was. I thought it HAD to be suspension related.

Reassembling the Bilsteins several times to ensure proper installation, re-torqing all suspension again (in the air/ on the ground). Replaced my sway bar links. Loosened every body mount and re-torqued. Checked steering rack mount bushings....the list goes on. I was literally going insane.

The one thing I checked but slightly overlooked was the Intermediate steering shaft. I though because I just changed my shocks, it HAD to be suspension related. I went back at it this morning with the attempt to remove the shaft to inspect. Well the splines were completely seized dry into the housing. I couldn't pull it out like it should have. I removed the whole assembly, set it in a vice and had to literally pound the shaft out of the sleeve with a hammer. I couldn't believe it was that seized.

It must have been slamming against sleeve when trying to compress (over bumps, turning) and was just transferring all that vibration and force everywhere else. They grease used must have dried up or forgot to put on at factory/when replaced last.

I greased it up good and put it back together and it compressed like butter. Installed back in truck and NO MORE CLUNK/POP!

I just wanted to post this for anyone else who may be experiencing this or has in the past. There is a ton of these topics online about the same issue.

  • 2014 Ram 1500 Crew Cab 4wd Hemi


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