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The truck is a 2019 2500 Big Horn Cummins. It does have a tuner in place with diagnostic capability.
I have been recently having numerous occurrences of my cluster flashing the ABS, Ebrake, and Traction control lights along with my tachometer and speedometer going to zero randomly. When this happens my exhaust brake shuts itself off and shortly after everything goes back to normal for the meantime. I found out today that my horn also does not work when pressing on the horn ring. I checked the fuse and found no issue there.

  • I have checked the major fuses I could correlate to the cluster with no issues there.
  • I have checked the battery cable connections with no issues.
  • I noticed the first check engine light that was thrown was a lost communication with ABS control module, I reset the code and did not see any check engine lights for a couple of days.
  • Today I drove about 20 miles and the issue came back. All gauges sweep as if the power was cycled
  • I looked under the dash and checked all the connections into the CANBUS and the other harnesses and nothing seemed loose or out of place

I’m looking for any input at this point on possible troubleshooting steps or thoughts on what might be the issue.
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