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2012 Ram 1500 5.7L
I was driving to work 3 days ago and I pulled down a driveway and my truck stalled out. I was able to restart it and after when driving I had a loss of power and was unable to use my cruise control and Eco mode did not come on. I has been rough idling and the check engine light came on. We pulled the codes and got P000b and P0016. We have changed Camshaft position sensor and the Crankshaft position senor as well. cleared the codes and drove fine then shut off the truck and 10 min later drove it again and the check engine light came back on and was puling the same codes. We have checked the oil level and clarity of the oil and the oil level was low. We added oil and cleared codes again and drove. Same thing happened again and were pulling codes P000b and P0016. What is our next thing to check, We are thinking of possibly the VVT sensor but it looks like a massive undertaking. wanted to see what has worked for others.

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