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I have a question for you guys, but first i'll tell you whats currently on the go.

I bought the 5" Performance Accessories lift kit. It's actually currently having the 3" bodylift put on and didnt plan on installing the front or rear coil spacers... but seeing a ram with just a 2" level and seeing how good it looked im tempted to throw the front 2" coil spacer.

The thing is its a coil spacer and not a strut spacer. I kind of like the idea of a strut spacer better, and have a feeling that the install and performance would be alot better, I dont want a crap ride. Should I scrap the coil spacer and just go out and buy a HBS or TGC strut spacer or even maybe a set of bilstein 5100s?

Oh yes i'm also putting on 325/60r20 BFG AT's on it too, and ill make sure I get some pictures up when its all done.

Thanks guys
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