Computer flash for grill lights?

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I'll be installing a set of grill lights on my truck in the next couple weeks. I have a relay switch kit to wire them in. I was wondering if I was to wire them into the high beams, will I need the computer flash to keep from having issues?
They are not HID. They are 130 watt halogen, 12 amp.
Any issues that you could think of?
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Only problem I could see would be the same one that I had when I put my grille lights wired off of the high beams. It only happens if you have DRLs and it's caused by the low voltage of the DRL making the relay 'chatter' but if you don't have DRLs, then you'll be fine. There is no flash required if you are using a relay system triggered off of the highs but having power fed from the battery as it wn't affect the power going to the lights themselves.
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