Cooper Zeon LTZ White Outlined?

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Leaning toward selling my Goodyear Wrangler HP's for an A/T style tire to get the best of both worlds for highway, and bad weather driving.

I'm leaning toward buying another set of Bridgestone Revo2, but reading so many great things about these Cooper Zeon LTZ's, I might give them a hard look.

Can you get Cooper Zeon LTZ with white outlined lettering in the factory 20 size? Cooper's website is confusing. Not only do they show the blackwalled in the picture and the specification, but when you look at the Cooper Discovery, they are showing white outlined (which I like), but the specs show blackwall which makes it more confusing.

Anyone running 20 Coopers with White Outlined Lettering? I almost seem to think I've seen someone post white lettered Coopers Zeon LTZ. Any pics would be helpful...thanks.:smileup:
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