Cooper Zeon LTZ's or Nitto Terra Grappler

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Hey guys..
had a question for some people who might be running these tires..
it may seem funny cuz i dont even have the truck yet.. waiting on it to be built... but i want to shod it with some nice rims and rubber..
was looking at a set of 20X9 Fuel Hostages
and i wanted to run a set of LT305/55R20 tires on them
can i run these without any suspension modifications... i would really like to leave the ram at stock ride height

any info would be great... thanks
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Both tires are good and I looked at both. I chose the coopers because they are made in the USA. Otherwise they basically seemed "equal" to me. I love them, I have over 15k miles on them and honestly show no wear, and I do a few burnouts now and again. I do keep them rotated on time though, and run about 50psi in them. That helps wear, and I corner pretty easy and brake easy. The biggest surprise to me was that they have almost no road noise (at least in my mind). If the windows are up you can't hear them, even at 80 mph.

EDIT: I just thought about my last statement about the noise....I have terrible hearing, so probably shouldn't comment on the noise as even if they were loud I most likely wouldn't be able to tell the difference. I will say though that my wife has never commented that they were loud.
What size Coopers are you running? At 50 PSI you're not geting excessive center wear? I am thinking Coopers will be my next tire when the Goodless wear out. I has Mich. AT 2's on my 08 and there were quit. I have a 36 mile interstate commute every day so sound is somewhat of an issue
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