Cooper Zeon LTZ's or Nitto Terra Grappler

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Hey guys..
had a question for some people who might be running these tires..
it may seem funny cuz i dont even have the truck yet.. waiting on it to be built... but i want to shod it with some nice rims and rubber..
was looking at a set of 20X9 Fuel Hostages
and i wanted to run a set of LT305/55R20 tires on them
can i run these without any suspension modifications... i would really like to leave the ram at stock ride height

any info would be great... thanks
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You will be happy with either the Coopers or the Nittos. They obviously look a lot alike but I personally think the Coopers have a slightly more aggressive tread. The lugs seem bigger, kinda like a mud tire but not quite, and they seem to be more blocky and squared off. I have been running the Coopers for about 5K miles now and have zero complaints.

As for that size tire...I'm not certain whether that width will run or not but it will be close either way. As long as your new rims have at least 6mm or so LESS offset than the stockers I would think it would be fine. What offset you planning on going with?
I don't think you will need to level the front to fit 305/55/20. That tire is only slightly (0.20") taller than the stock 20" tire so height isn't the issue...the issue is width. I'm almost certain you could run 305/55 with a negative offset rim with no issues at all. If you really want that tire size I encourage you to research it because I think you can run it. I'd put $$$ on it.

It's all in what look you want of course but I personally would not go with the 285/55/20 because it's over 0.5" shorter than the stock 20" tire.
I can hear mine just a little but no more than the Michelins on my wife's 2008 Taurus.
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