Cooper Zeon LTZ's or Nitto Terra Grappler

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Hey guys..
had a question for some people who might be running these tires..
it may seem funny cuz i dont even have the truck yet.. waiting on it to be built... but i want to shod it with some nice rims and rubber..
was looking at a set of 20X9 Fuel Hostages
and i wanted to run a set of LT305/55R20 tires on them
can i run these without any suspension modifications... i would really like to leave the ram at stock ride height

any info would be great... thanks
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hey guys thanks for the replies...
i really like the 20X9 Fuel Hostage wheels, and i think if i remember correctly you can get them with a -12 offset...
i really dont want to get into any rubbing problems, as much i like the Tread of the Coopers i may go to a LT285/55R20 Terra Grappler..
i am mostly going for a stance look with the new truck..
i like the stock rake that the new Rams have i want to find the right wheel and tire combo to give it that stance
hey guys thanks for all the replies
I think i am gonna go with a set of 305/55R20 Coopers on some 20X9 Fuel Hostages with a -12 offset
all my life i have liked trucks where the tires stick out a bit on the fenders, especially the stance that the new ram has i think it will look really good
thanks alot guys
if anyone has pics they can post up with the 305 coopers it would be much appreciated
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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