Couple Questions '03 2500 - 5.7L Hemi

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I have 2003 Ram 2500 - 5.7L Hemi w/150k miles...

- it's time to replace the catalytic converter. My truck has dual pipes from the exhaust manifolds into one 3"(?) pipe and then into the converter. On the back side of the converter it appears to down step briefly to 2.5"(?) pipe and then within a few inches back up to 3". Any insight on the best replacement? Is something like the Magnaflow 59959 with a 3" x 2.5" downstep adapter at the output the best choice?

- I've also developed a leak at my rear pinion seal and alternatively my rear output seal of my transmission. The output seal is barely flowing while the pinion needs some attention. Someone suggested that my rear tires were out of balance causing my seal to fail. I tend to think the bearing is shot or the yolk needs to be replaced. Any insight here?