Covermaster Topper Tail Light (CHMSL)

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I recently purchases a Covermaster Topper for a 2004 1500. I tried wiring the 3rd brake light and have it all hooked up correctly to the CHMSL wire and ground. I tested a different light and it worked fine, but the brake light won't turn on. I connected a multimeter to the brake light and no reading showed. All the wiring looks good in and out of the light. I would be shocked if the LED bulb set is burned out but I don't know any other reason why it won't turn on. Any suggestions?? Or what is the best way to change out a topper brake light??

Thanks for any help.
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I did test continuity, and nothing showed, double check my meter and a different bulb, incandescent, and things worked fine. I was just reading that most LED bulbs take at least 1 volt to force the circuit into continuity. Might have to double check my meter.
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