Crazy Oil Pressure Issues....Need some Help on this one!

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I started having oil pressure issues last week on my new to me, 1997 Dodge Ram 1500 with the 5.2l motor.

So, I noticed that while driving at higher RPM's everything seemed fine, however, when idling at 1000 rpms or less the oil pressure drops to zero. This weekend I changed out the oil pump. After priming, I let the truck idle for about 15 minutes and all was fine. Then I took it for a test drive and it performed fine for the first ten minutes then the original problem noted above returned.

I am really confused now and any thoughts or suggestions would be very much appreciated.
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First thing to check is the oil pressure sensor. They do go bad and will give the exact result your speaking of. First thing would be to take out the sensor and rig in a standard pressure gauge. If your pressure is good then it's just the sensor. If it's bad then that's a whole other thread topic :) Should be a canister looking device that threads into the back of the block or head. Usually a standard 1/8" or 1/4" MNPT thread. am I bummed with this truck now thinking I screwed the pooch with the purchase...

Tested the oil presure after installation and re-installation of the new oil pump. It is maxed at 10 psi. my engine toast? Someone has recommended changing the Oil filter and adding a thicker engine oil...

Any assist appreciated....
Is that with a pressure gauge? Or still going through the stock pressure sensor?
It was with an external gauge...
I'd put some lucas in it and see how far it goes, it may go a long time, I've had a death rattle at the bottom of my 95s crankcase for well over 50,000 miles, and it hits the rev limiter pretty regular, hasn't let go yet, no smoke or anything. If you haven't any lifter clatter, it has oil, though someone probably ran it out of oil and tore up the cam bearings. these engines can be had in my area for 200 bucks, complete, due to rust, and they are modular, relatively easy changes.
I wouldn't say the engine is toast. As long as you haven't spun a bearing you can get away with replacing the main bearings in a sunny afternoon.

Lose the new oil pump and spring $65.00 for a Melling High Volume. Total repair should be under $125.00 (unless you include the gasket).

The Main bearings is where the pressure is made. Had you known when you did the you tap on the rod journal with a small ball-peen hammer you'll hear a different (more hollow) sound on one if it's worn more than the others.

I'd rule out all other possibilities like have been suggested because I agree with them. But attention now will same a motor pull.
AAAaaarrrrggggghhhh...Not pretty!

Well, I am afraid I might not have detected the oil pump issue soon enough as my mechanic buddy has informed me that after observing shavings in the oil filter...he pulled the pan and my crankshaft is toast.

Is this best fixable by getting a short block for install? He tells me the motor needs to be mechanic friend is more a Ford guy so any assistance, recommendations on what approach I should take would be very much appreciated.

My first venture into Dodge Truck land has been a bust so far....

Are the metal shavings magnetic, or non magnetic??

If they're non magnetic, then they could be off the bearings and the crank may be worn. If you haven't spun a bearing, that the crank shouldn't be scored or gouged.

Like I said before. You can replace the bearings and replace the oil pump with a high volume pump in a day and maybe get another 5 years out of the motor.
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