Cruise Control Stopped Working, Multiple Idiot Lights Illuminated

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2010 4WD Crew Cab, 4.7, 8300 miles on the odometer. Girlfriend was driving on the highway today with the cruise control on, suddenly the cruise disengaged. She looked down and the cruise control light was off, and the following four idiot lights were illuminated: 1) ESP BAS 2) ABS (with circle logo) 3) SVC 4WD and 4) the sliding vehicle graphic. The truck is under warranty, but I live in BFE and the nearest dealer is two hours away, and I need the truck Monday, so thought I'd check here first and see if there might be a simple fix ...



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Last time I had an EBS and ABS light together and my cruise quit it was a speed sensor on my 05 dodge magnum. Not sure if you get the same with the Rams but I tend to think yes. Good luck but I would take it to be checked out if it were me, especially isnce it is a safety issue.
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