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My truck is a 2003 Ram QC 4x4 with a 4.7 Automatic, and the cruise has not worked since I purchased it about 8 months ago. The cruise light comes on, but it will not set. I checked the vacuum line to the servo, switches, fuses, brake lights, and all is good. I also replaced the brake light switch, and that didn't help.

Now, I believe the PCM "thinks" the cruise control is set because I tested it as follows: Running on the interstate at 70mph, as I topped a hill that I knew was steep down the other side, I set the cruise control. As the truck went down the steep hill it shifted down to hold the truck back. I kicked off the cruise and it shifted back up.

If I'm right, the PCM thinks the cruise is functioning and this eliminates speed sensors, switches, etc.

Does this mean the servo is malfunctioning? Or should I look somewhere else?
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