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VIN: 3D7KU26C94G146561
Asking $15,750 with plow package

I am the third owner of this truck and take great pride in it. The first owner was a construction project supervisor that used the truck as a daily driver to get from job to job but never worked it. At about 45k it was purchased by a gentleman that installed a gooseneck Hide-A-Ball hitch in the bed. He used it to pull a two car trailer for his business which was delivering cars sold at the Newburgh Auto Auction. I bought the truck at 220k because it was a very clean and a great running vehicle that had never been in any accidents. I installed the plow soon after. I have a small plowing business with 20 driveways. I have plowed with this truck for the last 4 years. I undercoated the truck with POR15 before the first winter I owned it and would always take the truck through a car wash with undercarriage spray after each plow run. My plow business in Brewster, NY is also for sale if you want a "turn key" business to go along with the truck.

Overall, this is a great running truck that has had a LOT of love and attention paid to it by me. No smoke, no leaks, no clunks, no check engine lights, no issues. I keep my stuff clean and in good working order. The engine is 100% with no blow-by and it pulls like a train. All other wear items have been replaced with OEM or upgraded aftermarket parts. I'm the kind of guy that does lots of preventative maintenance and fixes issues when they first pop up, not when they become a big problem.

The engine and chassis have 255k but you'd never know it. If you're looking at this truck, I'd assume you know the longevity of a Cummins motor and a well maintained heavy duty truck. The transmission was fully rebuilt with a billet converter at 253k. My transmission guy told me that it was only the torque converter that went in the old trans but I had him completely rebuild the whole unit anyway since it was out of the truck. It now shifts perfectly with confident and firm shifts. With the billet converter, it should outlast the original one which went 253k.

I put a new oil pan and front crank seal at 255k. The pan was starting to rust and that didn't sit right with me. The previous owner did a ton of maintenance at 200k including new injectors and high pressure fuel pump. When I got it, the exhaust was leaking so I replaced it with an MBRP 4” stainless exhaust with lifetime warranty at 225k. I also installed a Diablo Predator tuner set to Economy/towing mode. The truck has PLENTY of power so I didn't want to tune it for performance. I just wanted to get a few extra MPGs which now it does. The new Goodyear Wrangler all terrain tires I had installed at 253k are on chrome factory wheels.

I just finished putting new front pads, front rotors, front calipers, front dust shields, front hubs, front axle universal joints and front ABS sensors as well as new rear pads, rear rotors and rear calipers. I also flushed the entire brake system with new fluid. It got new rubber brake lines at 235k. So, you've got an entirely new braking system with 5 miles on it.

The front and rear diff fluids were changed at 248k. It has a K&N air filter. I did a coolant flush and new water pump and thermostat at 255k.

It has a Pioneer bluetooth radio with wireless calling that you can stream your phone through. I never used the gooseneck “Hide-A-Ball” hitch for a 5th wheel in truck bed but it's a nice thing to know that it's there. The truck has a Trail-FX drop in bed liner which is very tough. I bought a set of heavy duty bed corner tie down brackets and it's got pop-up tie downs in the stake pockets of the bed. There are rail guards along the top of the bed too.

Before the first winter when I got the truck, I did a complete POR-15 undercoating. I painted the frame and undercarriage. This was not a fun job but well worth it. I power washed it first and then used the POR-15 degreaser and POR-15 prep spray before applying the paint. It has held up well. This year I added a coating of Fluid Film to double-up on the undercoating protection.

It has Husky rear fender liners which prevent the typical quarter panel rust on most of these trucks. The towing package has a 7 pin trailer wiring harness and brake controller in the cab. It's got Rancho shocks on all four corners which still work great but they have surface rust on them. I did new front and rear driveshaft universal joints at 248k. The seats with center storage console I swapped in from a 2007 Ram. They're much more comfortable and better quality than the 2004 seats. The rain guards over windows are great so you can leave the windows slightly cracked to let the truck vent so it doesn't get too hot when it's parked in the sun. It has the sliding rear window option. I hardwired a dash cam and radar detector power cord (radar detector not included). It's got Weathertech floor mats over vinyl floor covering which is super low and easy maintenance to clean it all out. It's got chrome step bars to help you and your passengers get in and out. One of them has a small dent on the bottom.

I did new front sway bar bushings and end links at 250k. I had a big rock chip in my line of sight so I had Safelite install a new windshield at 240k.

The only trouble I ever had with this truck was due to contamination of the fuel tank. I couldn't figure out how to fix it myself so I took it to Lisi's in Brewster, NY for repair. They misdiagnosed the problem and charged me a ton of money to replace the high pressure fuel pump. By the time they figured out that all that needed to be done was flush the fuel tank and replace the filters, I had spent about $3500 on new fuel system parts. :-/ After that, I wanted to be sure nothing like that ever happened again so I bought a Fass 150gph fuel system and Donaldson filters which filter down to 3 microns. I also started running a fuel additive with every fill up. It's made by a company called Amalgamated and they make a summer and winter additive. I've never had any issue since.

I have always used Rotella for oil changes with Donaldson filters every 4500 miles which is way early but I'm a big believer in over maintaining stuff. The alternator crapped out at 248k and I had it rebuilt by the guys at All-Tech in Danbury who did a great job. I did new rear axle seals at 245k, new Advance Gold batteries in 2017. All of the factory recalls have been done. I had the trans cooler lines done when the transmission was rebuilt at 255k. I did a new serpentine belt and idler at 255k when I was in there replacing the front crank seal. I put in a new windshield wiper motor/arm unit at 235k. Fuel tank cleaned and flushed at 236k with the whole fuel tank ordeal which is when it also got a new injection pump and fuel rail with pressure sensor at 236k.

The truck is not perfect so please don't expect a show vehicle. The second owner's wife used a garage broom to clean off snow once and left scratches on the hood and roof. He said he made her sleep on the couch for a week because of that! There is a small rust bubble starting to come through on the bottom left edge of the tailgate. I just had the rocker panels and cab corners replaced because they were starting to go. My auto body guy did a great job and even put a rock-guard coating on which is textured and stands up much better to rock chips and is great for rust prevention.

And for the plow setup..... First of all, this truck is an absolute beast in the snow. The combination of the four wheel drive with studded snow tires and the ballast box putting an extra 700 pounds over the rear wheels is unstoppable. Being a regular cab, the wheelbase is short enough to maneuver in tight spots. The plow is a Western UniMount 7.5’ ProPlow which is the heavy duty one with 3 recoil springs. It also has a rubber deflector on the top. I use it with a UniMount to UltraMount adapter bracket. This is great because it's easy to hook up and when you're not plowing, the whole rig comes off and you don't lose any front ground clearance by having a big unsightly plow frame hanging down. The studded snows are mounted on a spare set of OEM steel wheels and have 95% tread remaining. I built the custom ballast box for plowing out of weather-treated lumber. It fits perfectly into the bed and I even designed it so it stores shovels in the middle and 5 gallon buckets for salt and sand along the sides. There's even a hookup for reverse lights on the ballast box. The plow has some slop in it but the cutting edge is great and it works perfectly. The powedercoating is about half peeled off the mold board of the plow but there are no rust holes it it. I change the hydraulic fluid in the pump unit annually.

I’m sure there are some more things I forgot to mention too... I have a 2” thick folder with receipts. I've even got the original window sticker! If you're looking for a nice, clean, great running, no accidents truck, come check this one out. I'm trying to be very up front and thorough with this ad so there are no surprises. Please don't waste my time with low-ball offers. If this ad is up, the truck is still for sale. I'm available to show the truck after 5pm on weekdays or on weekends. The only reason I'm selling it is because I just bought a new Titan XD with Cummins and I just don't need two trucks. Feel free to message, call (203) 293-8ate6three or email with questions.

2008 RAM 1500 ST 3.7L Magnum V6 PS2
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Wow, that is a super clean truck for the age and mileage, good luck with your sale!

- Cajun
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