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Hey guys,

It's been awhile since I posted in here so I would like to take the time to update you all on my mods...So far, I have done the following:
1. I removed and sold the 24" chrome wheels (I have plans on installing 24" black wheels instead)
2. I painted the stock 20" chrome cladding with the spray on rubber from Home Depot. One can per wheel. Came out great but scared to wash it too hard or it will come right off. I did take it to a DIY spray car wash and it held up with that...
3. Debadged
4. installed a shorter antenna, bought at Autozone for $12. Looks great and receives reception well.
5. Lowered 2/4 with McGaughys drop spindles
6. Painted front and rear emblems with black chrome spray paint as well as grill.
7. Painted the rear taillights and 3rd brake light with the VHT night shades. Problem with that is I could not get them to shine after I cleared them. I replaced them with new factory ones until I can come up with another plan. I kept the 3rd brake light black and I got some tint for the taillights for $30 at Amazon...haven't had the time to try that yet but if I don't like it, then at least that will be removable and I will have to save up for true black replacements. I really like the RECON but not for $380.
8. AEM cold air intake
9. AEM throttle body
10. MagnaFlow muffler (Part # 11386)...WOW, what a difference and sounds GREAT! Picked it up at Summit Racing for $97 with free shipping.
11. TransGo shift kit. Plans to install it tomorrow. $57 at Summit Racing.
12. Removed chrome side steps that were on truck when I bought it new. I want to sell them so please hit me up if interested.
13. BakFlip G2 tonneau cover

Future plans...
1. black headlights
2. 24" black wheels. I want the 2 Crave No. 11 but I am having a difficult time locating a business who knows what they are talking about. What I mean is I will need a high offset; per the manufacture, they make these wheels in +18mm and +30mm and I need the higher offset so I can tuck them inside the fenders nicely. Every company I speak too are clueless and will only tell you what you want to hear.
3. roll pan
4. upgrade sound system...lowest priority because already have the factory Alpine installed.
5. go lower? without airbags...
6. Either bed rug or spray in liner...bed rug is cheaper. Spray in is over $500 around the DFW area.
7. Looking for a ram air hood. I was thinking of a carbon fiber FUNCTIONAL Ram air hood but am having a difficult time finding one. Actually, I did find one but it does not mention that it is functional or not.

That is it for now. Again, I am selling the Chrome Side Steps if anyone is intersted. Dealer quotes around $600 but I will sell for around $300. They include all hardware and brackets. Please let me know.

If I did this correctly, here a few pictures of recent mods...


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Nice job so far buddy..very nice looking
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