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Has anyone done any exhaust work to their EcoDiesel. I have a 2015 and have been looking at new exhaust systems. I saw a few you tube videos where the resonator and the muffler were deleted. I myself would love to get rid of the resonator and possibly put in a 50 series flowmaster muffler.

Most of the exhaust systems for sale are filter back systems. So I am wondering if I can just go to my local muffler shop and just have them do this. I usually save a $100-$200 to have my muffler shop do the work than buying a system online and doing it myself.

I am curious if any has modded their exhaust in any way, and if so did it trip the MIL or any codes.

From what I can tell there is not much to gain by doing a filter back system, but I did see a few youtube videos where they claim that EGT's were definitely lower than before, which would make it worth it to me.
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