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:wavey:Hey 4th Gen Ram Owners I plan on doing some custom work on my Ram but would like to get some opinions on what you might do to a Ram like mine. Here is a Pic of it i got online dont have my own pics not been able to take pics with my phone for some reason.


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Do you Off Road at the beach or swamp ?
If you do, get some OEM tow hooks & Class 4 hitch receiver
If you have a lot of flying bugs, make some sort of bug catcher to keep most of them out of your radiator & AC cooling fins
( i made mine out of drywall corner bead, expanded metal, & plumbers strap )

There is plenty of room for it & using those plastic push pins makes it easy to remove & clean

hopefully 2015 Ram Active Grille Shutters won't be in the way when i upgrade trucks next year
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