CV axle angles screwed!

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So I recently bought a 2007 dodge ram 1500 and was quick to get it lifted so I went to a "guy" who lifted trucks at his home. He placed a 4" spacer ontop of springs and a 3" spacer in the back to level the truck. He also did a 3" body lift. Now after taking it to my mechanic to install my new gears (went higher gear ratio after purchasing 38" tires on 20" wheel) he told me my cv axle was way too angled and would be a matter of time before I did some serious damagae. So he suggested I ordered a true lift kit. I ordered a 6" rough country and it's on its way. My question is, do I have to take the 4" spacer on top of the spring off or can I leave it? I really would want my truck to be level. Help please!!!
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