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Although this leak was on my 2009 Ram 1500, it could happen on ANY vehicle.
I just replaced my transfer case rear output seal for the FOURTH time in 80K miles. By chance, I found the source of the leak and it WAS NOT the seal.

As I laid the driveshaft on the bench, some trans fluid dripped onto my hand from the inside of the u-joint. Wait a minute... the leak wasn't that bad the trans fluid would be flying off the u-joint.

Closer examination showed a little "puddle" of trans fluid in the little cavity between the yoke body and u-joint! Apparently, after the yoke had the spline machined, a METAL PLUG is pressed into the yoke. The plug is just like a core (freeze) plug on an engine block. My leak turned out to be around the edge of that metal plug!

I checked with a local driveline specialty company and was told they have seen similar leaks a couple of times. They can supply a new plug that I can put some sealer on and press it in after knocking out the old one.

Hopefully this can save someone the trouble of dealing with this mystery leak.
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