Dash sweep help?

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I was on another forum and someone i know recommended I join here!

Maybe someone can help me out. Check engine light was on, so I disconnected the battery for a hard reset, and the light is out but these C-codes still are showing. I had a scan run earlier and they said o2 sensor, but I know more often than not it isn't an o2 sensor.

These were the codes:
41 20
A3 04

Someone help me out?
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is the truck acting up? anything different about the way it idles or accelerates? did you look at the connections to your o2 sensors? are they secure? did you try clearing the codes and see if they came back? could just be a fault in the computer or you actually need new o2's. o2's have a life span of around 100k miles so maybe its just time to replace them depending on how many miles are on your vehicle and if they have ever been replaced.
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