Daytime running lights - FRUSTRATED!!!

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Im not sure if this is the right spot for this or not...

I, like a lot of you, want my amber LED turns turned on to act as my DRLs. There has been a lot of discussion on this and the majority of us have been unsuccessful at having our dealer turn this feature on. But, there are a few of you who have had it done so that tells me it's possible. I'm going back to my dealer tomorrow and getting Chrysler on the phone with a tech and going to figure this out. I know it can be done, it's just a matter of finding the right tech who is actually willing to take time out of his/her busy day and make the customer happy. I'll check back in after my visit tomorrow with the results.
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Ram trucks sold for use in Canada, by law MUST have DRLs, some Canadians have elected to run without them, but at least they have the choice

Why can't the American techs flash our trucks for use in Canada
surely Ram doesn't make a computer for Canada & a different computer for the States


Maybe we can tell the dealership that we are moving to Canada & MUST have DRLs

Personally, my business Requires that my headlights Must be on when i am working, i can get a ticket for not having them on while Escorting a semi truck that is carrying a Oversize Load

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