Daytime running lights - FRUSTRATED!!!

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Im not sure if this is the right spot for this or not...

I, like a lot of you, want my amber LED turns turned on to act as my DRLs. There has been a lot of discussion on this and the majority of us have been unsuccessful at having our dealer turn this feature on. But, there are a few of you who have had it done so that tells me it's possible. I'm going back to my dealer tomorrow and getting Chrysler on the phone with a tech and going to figure this out. I know it can be done, it's just a matter of finding the right tech who is actually willing to take time out of his/her busy day and make the customer happy. I'll check back in after my visit tomorrow with the results.
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I've been on the phone with Chrysler and RAM this morning. One tells me my truck is equipped with DRLs and the other says it is not. W.T.F.!!!!!!
It is possible they just turned the parking lights on while driving.
No, when doing that they lights are only on at half the amount. When they are activated as DRLs, they are steady on full power (the amount the light shines when the turn signal is activated).
Here in Canada, they have to have DRLs (or at least they do in Nova Scotia) and the Sports I have seen all have the amber on. So I can't see them all turning on their parking lights. :)
So I don't think it's a question of CAN it be done, it is WILL THEY DO IT? ;)
Well I sure have had the run around. I'm going to try my dealer one more time tomorrow. But I know the outcome is going to be the same. :smiledown:
I also am in contact with a company who supposedly makes DRL modules for any type of vehicle. I need to find the wiring diagram of the 2013 projector headlights that I can send them if anyone has a link to that. If they can get something that just requires some minor wiring then Im sure a lot of us will be buying one. I'll update on that as soon as I hear back from the company.

I just got back from the dealer and once again it was a no go.

I did my own little experiment yesterday and took the headlight unit out so I could access the plug on the back. I applied 12v to PIN 4 which was the white and yellow wire and that lit up the turns full power and steady burn. However, by doing this, the turn signal flash and running light no longer worked properly. So, if I could some how figure out a way to apply power to the lights but still have them flash and operate properly then we'll be good. Anyone got any ideas? I'm not the best when it comes to putting in relays but Im sure someone on here can come up with something so we can figure this out.
As was suggested before in other threads, why not just put your lights on Auto and cover up the sensor on the dash at the windshield? Unless of course there is no sensor there. It is a lot cheaper and provides that much more light, if you also have fog lights these can also be left on.
2 reasons. I have HIDs and don't want those on if they're not actually needed. The other reason is I think the amber LED lights just look badass when they're on full power.
Another thought I had - what if I bought one of the automatic harness/relays that powers on when the engine turns on and it would power the lights? My only concern is would my turn signals and running lights still function correctly?
I have a 2013 Big Horn 2500.I was able to get the dealer to turn on my DRL's.
Do u have the LED turn signals? Or did they turn on the high beams as the DRLs at half power?
Regardless, are u able to get the steps they used to do it?
go to the dealership & ask them to perform

DRL Daytime Running Lights activate
reconfigure TIPM. 53 Electrical Misc. 1237 CPM.

another member posted this information in another thread telling a member how to possibly turn off the DRLs. Could this be the information needed to turn them on!!?? Ill be going tomorrow to see if these steps work.
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