Dazed and confused(again)

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Hi All! Merry Christmas! My question today is this: I need to buy a new headliner for my 1999 Dodge Ram 3500 , is the cab called a Quad Cab or a Club Cab? The Dodge online parts website is showing 2 different types. My truck is a 4 door, 2 seats(front and back) Diesel Dually. The rear doors open like suicide doors. Thanks for the help in advance! Dale
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The Quad Cab is the 4 "normal" size doors, where the Club Cab is the 2 "normal" front doors, and two "smaller" doors in the back, opening like suicide doors.
From what I just read, I'm assuming 1999 and 2000 models were the same. Quad and Club cabs were the same with the exception being the Quad cab had the 2 suicide doors, and the club just had the extended cab no doors.
Quad is the extend with seuicide door's. The difference between the two head liners is quad has notch cut out for latches.
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