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Well I'm a newbie, so I guess I screwed up and put this in the wrong here it is again. This may be a repeat for some of you or posted in FYI.

When I bought my 2005 Dodge Ram, I ordered it with factory installed Uconnect. It arrived without it and the dealer lied and said a factory install could be done. Whatever. (It took years to find an honest dealer who told me that if the module was not in the computer, I could not have a factory install done at all.) So,I had the dealer install a Uconnect bluetooth in my 2005 Dodge Ram .

That brings me to date. I took out the Uconnect and installed a Parrot because I did not like the speaker under the dash. After that, I ran across an article that showed how to incorporate the Uconnect I had into one of the door speakers - sort of like the factory install. Unfortunately, I have lost the article/information.

Do any of you have any idea about how to do this or a source I can go to for this information. Basically, the article showed how to tie into or run certain of the wires from one of the components to the door speaker (passenger) so the sound comes thru that speaker instead of the one under the dash which you cannot hear very clearly due to its location.

Thanks for any help.
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