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Wanting to clean up my 2012 1500 big horn crew cab.
Need a little advice on removing badges. Are you using heat gun to warm them up or just prying them off? I am planning on taking the ram 1500 off of the doors and maybe moving the hemi badge up to the frontside of the front wheel-oldschool-style. Also plan on cleaning up the tailgate and leaving just the ram head in the center. thanks for any input

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Here is mine after debadging and rebadging. It was a piece of cake. It took longer to read all the threads about what to do and what not to do than it actually took. Let me know what you think of the Hemi badges on the hood. The truck is Sagebrush.....kind of hard to tell.

I had the door windows tinted yesterday and also put some Westin Nerf bars on. I have a Bakflip G2 tonneau cover and some EGR vent shades on the way. Hopefully I will have it leveled some time in the near future. A work in progress.
That picture makes me want to go pry off my badges right now. Looks killer.
If the dealer will do it for $60 I might have them do it. That way it's on them if they mess up my truck
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