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Wanting to clean up my 2012 1500 big horn crew cab.
Need a little advice on removing badges. Are you using heat gun to warm them up or just prying them off? I am planning on taking the ram 1500 off of the doors and maybe moving the hemi badge up to the frontside of the front wheel-oldschool-style. Also plan on cleaning up the tailgate and leaving just the ram head in the center. thanks for any input

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There are SEVERAL methods, most work fine, some are messier than others, some are easier than others, some are safer than others.

My opinion:

Use the method that someone else posted on this forum which is take some soft wood (like a paint stirrer stick) and sand it down to a flat edge. The wood is very soft so will not scratch the paint. Use minor heat (hairdryer) on the badges and use the stick to get under them and pry them off. Then use goo gone or similar to get the remaining gunk off the paint(TEST it in a discreet area first! Some adhesive removers will remove paint). Then wash the area with dawn/water or some sort of soap to get the chemicals off the paint. Then wax it.

Pretty easy this way and safe. I also don't like the "wheels" because they will wear down the thickness of your clear coat a bit.

When I did mine I did exactly like I described above but I used a plastic putty knife sanded to a flat edge. I didn't think to use the wood, but will do it next time.
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