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Wanting to clean up my 2012 1500 big horn crew cab.
Need a little advice on removing badges. Are you using heat gun to warm them up or just prying them off? I am planning on taking the ram 1500 off of the doors and maybe moving the hemi badge up to the frontside of the front wheel-oldschool-style. Also plan on cleaning up the tailgate and leaving just the ram head in the center. thanks for any input

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Just removed the LongHorn badges last week. More time consuming than you might think but it is possible. Use gloves (so you don't tear up your hands) and high strength fishing line, use a heat gun or blow dryer to heat it up real good then slide the fishing line behind a corner and slide it back and forth. Once you get a good bit of the emblem off then try to pull it off by hand by heating and slowly pulling with finger tips. Stop if you see the body panels flex or you will leave dimple or dent. Don't use screw drivers or anything metal to pry it. Once you get the emblem off if your lucky most of the sticky stuff came up with it. If your like me you wont be so lucky. Get 3M adhesive remover. I found it at NAPA parts. It is safe for automotive paint and the only thing I tried that works. I tried goo-gone with no luck. Someone said gasoline but I wont risk that on the paint for very long. Soak the adhesive remover on the stuff and scrape it off with your finger nail and rags. It will take forever but it will come off. I used a small soft rubber tint applier to scrape it off. Every once in awhile rinse the area off so when your rubbing the cloth around no contaminants get on there and cause spider webs or swirl marks. I have a black truck so they show swirls very easily. after your done you might want to wash it real good and use some polish or wax to get rid of any small swirl marks you probably made. Took me about an hour for each one of the GIGANTIC LongHorn emblems. I also removed the rear Ram head and painted it flat black and put it back on with some 3M double sided tape. Good luck!!:smileup:

Also you can be very liberal with the 3M adhesive remover. It won't hurt your paint even though it smells awful (wear a mask and do it outdoors)

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