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My (2010) 1500 has the RBZ radio head which includes the in-dash hard drive. My first question is, is there a manual for this head somewhere? The supplied DVD I got with the truck is all but worthless on the hard drive section of the unit.

Failing a manual, does anyone know how to simply delete an album from the contents of the hard drive? I can delete a "playlist", but not an "album" (they are NOT the same thing apparently). I can delete an individual song from a "playlist", but can't figure out how to simply delete an "album."

I've tried searching this through the forum but didn't get any hits.... anyone?:4-dontknow:

Many thanks in advance!!


After waundering through some other sections of this forum I found the following website: There are "pdf" files of owners manuals for various Chrysler radios available (free) for download. Which got me some answers, but also another batch of questions since the owners manual instructions don't match up with what I am seeing on my screen on the RBZ head unit. I am prompted to specific button pushes that don't exist on my radio software. So the next question is: Were there software/firmware upgrades on this radio that I don't know about? Guess I'll be contacting my local Service Writer tomorrow....
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