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Hi all, I've had my intune for awile now, tried different tunes, etc. I notice that when I have a tune on, (91 octane let's say) the truck is almost undrivable in the rain. It is like the traction control is off. (It is on BTW) The brakes and traction control dummy light will activate but it will not de-throttle. This will also happen in dry conditions: if I get on it, smokes the tires, brakes will try to activate, etc.

With factory tune restored, in the rain: get on it, truck throttles down, brakes activate if needed, I'm not spinning into oncoming traffic. Truck takes off well for limited traction.

I believe this is related to torque management, but I can't find anywhere to turn on or adjust torque management in the intune. I have updated the intune to the latest update.

Does anyone know why the torque management is not adjustable anymore, or how to fix.
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