diablo sport intune

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i just got my DS intune today. but i cant install it yet because im buying my truck monday. :LOL: i wanted to have it when i got the truck, but im still waiting on dmv to get the title to the dealer. the truck isnt in my signature yet, but its a red 2003 ram 2500 laramie 4x4 with the 5.7 hemi. im going to drive the truck for a little while without the tuner on it and when i put a tune on i'll post my review of it. glad to join the ram forumz.:smileup:
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Unfortunately with the 2003 there is a different computer module setup that's not on any other 3rd gen. The rest have a PCM and tcm. I believe there are no trans adjustments and it's limited in power options as well. The diablo tune is supposed to be a 93 tune but everyone reports better response and power with the 91 tune. Most guys also say the improve mpg around 1-2 with the 91 and mds off. Anyways enjoy the tuner and do some data logging. If you decide to do some major engine mods then a custom tune will dial you in perfectly.
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