Diablosport Intune Vs. Trinity

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Can anyone more knowledgeable explain the functional difference between intune and trinity (other than form factor).

I have been thinking about getting one. My truck has no engine mods to date. I am just looking for better mpg, and I'll never turn down more power.

Basically I don't want to pay for the newest thing if it is just a gimmick (ie flashier packaging) but I also don't want to buy something that is soon to be obsolete.

Thanks for any help.
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We have a cool function that allows you to compare the 2 units. Then just click on see details for the specifics on each one. The Trinity comes with suction cups to mount up on your window/dash where as the inTune does not.

Click here to see the comparison of the DS Trinity vs inTune
Unless you need the real-time gauges and ability to add 2 sensors to the trinity, you're fine with the inTune. They have the same canned tunes and both are USB updatable. The inTune basically is replacing the old hardware of the predator, I mean, who uses a serial cable anymore!
Yea, and the new wave of tuners (Superchips has the VIVID and SCT has the iTSX) are wireless that work with your iphone/ipad or droid! Really cool!!! They don't have them for the Ram's yet but I will be sure to post something when they do.

If you want to see their features in comparison, click here!
Thanks for all the help!
Trinity is for more advance tuning basicly

where itune is more plug and play like Cdnoilram said
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