Diesel grey console

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My Bighorn Ram is 3 weeks old and I want to trade my console for a 2014 jump seat. Thanks, Randy in Colfax, NC


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I would think it would work on any 4th gen. Plus the fact that the floor console doesn't have the floor shifter is even better. My 2011 has the under seat storage, seat belt, floor tray.
The only thing different I think would be the cables for the cigarette lighters on both lower side of the dash.
The radio bezel (dash center piece) should be different since they changed the stereos in 14.
You are correct hhg, the radio's are different and the whole control layout is different, it's very clear in the pic that my 2011 looks nothing like the 2014.

Guess that is what lack of sleep will do to you. :LOL:
1 - 2 of 34 Posts