Diesel grey console

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My Bighorn Ram is 3 weeks old and I want to trade my console for a 2014 jump seat. Thanks, Randy in Colfax, NC


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Would like to have 2014 because it has the compartment under the seat. Plus I need the dash parts behind the console and center seat belts
I would think it would work on any 4th gen. Plus the fact that the floor console doesn't have the floor shifter is even better. My 2011 has the under seat storage, seat belt, floor tray.
The only thing different I think would be the cables for the cigarette lighters on both lower side of the dash.
I would rather trade for a 2014 to insure everything is plug and play. I have never changed these and don't want any surprises. Plus a friend of mine just bought a 2013 for his 2009 and the color difference is noticeable because of fading.
I have a 2014 with a jump seat/console. I would trade you.
I have the cd player in the storage compartment of the jump seat. Not sure how to make the swap work completely and how it will affect parts like the dash.
Let's talk?
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Still available if anyone wants to trade
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After taking truck into the dealer today for service, I was told it would be a major job to switch my console to a jump seat. Wiring harness would be different, no carpet under console over hump. So I won't be trading. Thanks everyone who responded.
Hello, You might double check. I looked into doing this in my 2012. At least in my 2012, There IS carpet under the console.

It didn't seem that difficult in the 2012, should be much easier in yours.

Parts for me were new column cover, Shifter cable, Center dash console and of course the center jump seat. For you, You don't have to worry about the shifter cable or any of the shifting components.
You were right KCGal. I pulled the console today and there is carpet and the wiring harness unplugs and goes with console! As I originally posted would like to trade with someone with a jump seat with the compartment under the seat. Anyone interested nearby let me know. Thanks Randy 336 491 1306
Here is what I have found so far. I will need to trade with someone who has a 2014 bighorn and has the 8.4 radio. The radio dash bezel has to be swapped also to make everything work. Would like someone local so we can swap everything at the same time so both parties are happy. Thanks
Still want to trade. I had a couple people who wanted to, but they didn't have the 8.4 radio or the Bighorn trim
Yes been looking, but most the jump seats on there don't have the metal brackets and have never found the correct parts I would need for the dash.
Still up for trade. :wavey:
Hello? Anyone interested in trading, let me know. My console is still available. Thanks from Colfax, NC
That's what I need but I don't want to get into shipping and spending more money. I am waiting for someone who wants to trade even and lives close enough so we can get together. Thanks
After research and info gathered here, I have purchased a SLT radio bezel to match my dash. Now I can trade with anyone with any radio and grey interior. I would still like to have the compartment below the seat area and would like to trade with someone who has a 2013 or 14.Thanks
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Mods please close this thread as I have ordered jump seat and dash parts off eBay. Thanks
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