Diesel grey console

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My Bighorn Ram is 3 weeks old and I want to trade my console for a 2014 jump seat. Thanks, Randy in Colfax, NC


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Hello? Anyone interested in trading, let me know. My console is still available. Thanks from Colfax, NC
I have the jump seat and the bezel that goes around the radio and the pull out cup holders and lower trim piece. Everything you need to make the conversion complete. I will post pics later when I get a chance.
Bezel on left is for trucks without console. Notice how it is flat across bottom. On the right is one for a console. It doesn't matter which radio you have because the center section is held in place by 13 small screws. 2nd pic shows the 8.4 nav center in a bezel that had the base radio.

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That's what I need but I don't want to get into shipping and spending more money. I am waiting for someone who wants to trade even and lives close enough so we can get together. Thanks
If We split the drive were only 5 1/2 hours apart.....


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8 or 6 speed?
PM sent
I was hoping you would see this

I would sell everything for 275 plus shipping I don't need The console but I figured you would buy it. I don't care either way. If my offer can help any one of you out let me know. Just parts in my attic collecting dust.
Sorry just noticed there was a third page and that you want someone local. I'm in Florida so no go.

If anyone else wants a third seat I'd love to have the console instead of it.
I'll trade with you, if you have a CD player.
After research and info gathered here, I have purchased a SLT radio bezel to match my dash. Now I can trade with anyone with any radio and grey interior. I would still like to have the compartment below the seat area and would like to trade with someone who has a 2013 or 14.Thanks
Mods close thread

Mods please close this thread as I have ordered jump seat and dash parts off eBay. Thanks
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