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Have an 02' Ram 1500 4x4 Sport. Lamp out keeps displaying when I mash the brake. Overhead display reads "left rear turn lamp out".
Problem being is that the left(driver) side works. It's the top bulb on the right(passenger) side is the one out. It is the upper bulb, that is also the blinker.
I've replaced all 4 (tail/stop/blinker bulbs. Replaced the Socket adapter behind right tail light. Replaced the FCM or Body module. Opened, checked for burnt traces, and cleaned Integrated Control center. Replaced the Brake Light Switch.
Replaced the ignition switch(b/c of blower issue).
Btw, stop lights work, all but the upper right. Blinkers All work, Hazards work etc. Only other quark is the right blinker blinks a little faster than the left, but not at hyper speed. Otherwise all the front lights work just fine.

Appreciate any, and all help I can get. Thx:4-dontknow:
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New revelation!

With Parking/Tail lights off, both blinkers work(front and rear).
Same with emergency flashers.
With Parking/Tail Lights ON Right blinker works (A little fast), but overhead display blinks, and reads RIGHT FRONT TURN LAMP OUT. Left blinker works fine. Applying brake makes overhead read LEFT TURN LAMP OUT(Right Stop light doesn't light)
Tail lights on, Left blinker not only works fine, but when brake is applied, Right brake light still doesn't work, and overhead reads NORMAL.

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