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Ok guy's , i have waxed my truck 6 times already since i have had it. now the base of the the Antenna is turning white because of the wax, so aim asking to see if anyone on here knows how to remove the base? I would like to take it off and paint it to match the truck.


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It's not the wax that's doing it, it's just UV exposure. It's unavoidable. You can remove it by unscrewing the nut at the top, the one with 3 grooves in it. I tried Back to Black and a few other products, they all had varying degrees of success, but none of them really looked good. I was going to paint it, plasti-dip would probably be an even better option, but I ended up getting a new antenna base. I got it through the parts department at the local dealer, it cost around $6.
Thanks guys , i might take it off , give it a little sanding , then hit it with gloss black paint.
I will see how it holds up.

@ ironsides... I know the nut your talking about with the 3 groves.. is it a special tool?
I just used a pair of pliers
The base still looks good, I'm not sure if it'll continue to look that way, or if it'll fade like the first one. I've seen a few people paint the base body color, that usually looks pretty sharp.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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