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Ok guy's , i have waxed my truck 6 times already since i have had it. now the base of the the Antenna is turning white because of the wax, so aim asking to see if anyone on here knows how to remove the base? I would like to take it off and paint it to match the truck.


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Ironsides, how did the new antenna base hold up? Want to either change mine or paint it. It discolored a few months after I drove the truck off the showroom floor. Just wanted to know if your replacement has done better than the original one. If not, I might use the $6 to buy paint to color match mine to the truck.
Goin by the dealer this week. They retail for a whopping $1.12 in my area. Also gonna pick up a can of color match paint and try my skills on the original crappy looking one.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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