Dodge 5.2L 1/4 and 1/8 times

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I made this post in the racing forum I know, but I figured I should post it here also because it is for the 5.2L and I also would like to make it a little more visible to the community.

Howdy all, what are your times with your 5.2L Magnum on the 1/4 and 1/8th?

I haven't had a change to put walter (my 95 5.2l ram van) on the strip, yet. But based on the results from a stock 94 ram van on found on the web, I shoud be doing 1/4 Mile in 17.1 and 1/8th in 10.6 Of course my ram van isn't fully stock and I was able to speed up my acceleration time of 0-60 in 10.36 seconds down to about 0-60 in 8.6 Seconds.

So I should have
1/4 16~
1/8 10~
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Personally i love the small bore of the 318. Im gonna do the best of both worlds of the small block magnums and drop a 360 forged crank and rods into my block. Making it a 343. Ive yet to find any info on this so ig ill be the first to do it. Also putting in a supercharger cam and talking with whipple to see if they have a good supercharger preferably twin screw for that instant leave and easier moving torque. Torque moves the vehicle horsepower utilizes how efficient it moved the vehicle and we all know that. So why not go with something that goes just a tad bit higher in rpms and still gives great low end. Its only going straight on the quarter mile. So i figured my bottom end and top end work would go well with a twin screw supercharger instead of a turbo or centrifugal cause nothing im using will really require the extremely high rpms to get moving.
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