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Dodge Ram UK light rewiring...HELP!

Hi guys, thanks accepting me!

I have just been trying to rewire my lights for the UK mot on my 2008 quad cab ram. I've done one a few years ago by splitting the brake pedal wire and running it straight to the rear lights, no bother, job done.*

However...on this one it doesn't seem to like that method and when I brake it's lighting the whole of the back of the truck up like a Christmas tree ??

I'm basically trying to split the indicator feed to the bottom reverse lights which I will change for Amber bulbs and then send the reverse feed to a separate led light which will sit in the bumper.

I only have 2 bulbs in each cluster, not 3. The top one does side lights, brake and indicator and the bottom one does the reverse light.*

Can anyone shed some light on the best way to do this please as I'm slowly losing my mind ?

Thanks, Adam!


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