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Do you guys think deleting your truck hurts the resale value? Of course it would in some areas that are strictly enforced by the govt. It’s not where I live in the NW. on the other hand, there’s guys out there that will buy your stock truck and first thing they’ll do is delete it.. so some people might look at a deleted truck as a value-ad. Been debating whether or not to delete. Reasons to: drivability, I’m skeptical of the emissions equipment. Reasons not: hurt resale. The truck is a 2017 mega cab Laramie with the g56 tranny. Pretty rare truck with 44k miles. It’s mostly a family truck not my work truck so miles will stay low. How do you think deleting this truck would affect the resale value? I understand that if/when I sell, someone might travel some distance to buy my truck.. so if i delete hypothetically I’m shrinking my prospective buyer pool. My hope would be it simply wouldn’t hurt the value. Wouldn’t delete until 5 year is up in a few monthsbut that’s fine I’m not in a rush. I welcome all opinions. I know there’s guys on both sides of the aisle.

Also, has anyone actually seen/heard of someone “un-deleting” a truck?

Thanks in advance for your input.
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