Does Ram use break in oil on their new trucks?

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I've got a new truck & am wondering at what miles I should do the first oil change. Salesman said 8K which seems way too high to me. I was thinking 1k or 1.5K on the first change, but I'm wondering if Dodge uses break in oil on their new trucks. Also was thinking of putting synthetic in but someone told me the 5.7 Hemi's should not use synthetic oil. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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Whoever told you not to run full syn in Hemis is full of s***. Including the first change from factory oil, I have gone 6000-7000 miles per change, and I switched to full syn on the first change.
I kind of figured that. The guy who told me had a HEMI in his jeep so it got me thinking, but made no sense.
They come with full 5w20 synthetic and many on this forum, including myself run synthetic. So whoever said not to put synthetic in a Hemi is nuts. As far as when to change going by either the manual or when your truck's computer tells you it is time will certainly work, although with some synthetics you can typically get more mileage out of an oil change than what the manual will state. You will not hurt anything by waiting for your first oil change until 8K or when the computer tells you to. Because it made me feel warm and fuzzy, and I am a throwback to the old days, I changed mine at 500 and then 1K miles, though I realized it was probably overkill in this day and age of modern engines.
Yeah, I'm kind of old school too so I'll probably dump it at 1000 miles to get rid of all those metal chips that aren't there...LOL
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