Double Din deck in 2011

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Hey i've started my boxing day shopping today and am piecing together my new system since I bought the bone stock truck.
I ended up getting a double din alpine touch screen deck but it does not fit in as I had already suspected knowing the stock deck is 1.5 din. Is it going to be easier and look better to purchase the factory double din bezel from dodge for $189 or carefully dremel the existing bezel to fit the new deck?
Anyone have suggestions for door speakers?
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I'd go with the factory DD bezel.

Recommendations on speakers would be what sounds good to you. I put in a Hertz HSK 165 2-way component system in mine and I really like how they sound. But what sounds good to me may not sound good to you so go listen to some speakers and pick what you like.

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hardly any trimming is required there is a thread i did in th knowledge section that shows you exactly what to trim.

the metal bracket on the ibside needs to have the top trimmed/bent up and the front panel needs to have a lip trimmed and rounded. do yourself the favor and save the miney on the bezel and buy a nice set of 6.5 components instead

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Trim your dash insert & put the double din in

go to or
& get a bezel & anything else that you need to make it work for you
you won't be sorry
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