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I went drag racing this last weekend with my 2005 hemi 2wd. I tried turning off the overdrive with the button on the shift selector but the overdrive kept coming on at 5200-5300 rpm. Does anyone know how to keep overdrive from kicking in until at least 6,000 rpm? I have a Diablo Trinity and the only shift points I can see that you can change are the 1-2 and 2-3 and not the overdrive. By the way I ran 14.02 but I think I can get into the 13.80's if I can keep it from going into overdrive. Any helpful tips would be appreciated. Thanks.
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When it goes to 3rd gear in D, shift down manually to 2nd @ around 5k and it will lock in 3rd. Be sure to put it back in D after the traps when coasting down.
^^^^I agree and that's how I run at the track (1-2-D-2)...are you running shorter tires or taller gears?
I am running 4.86 gears with a 28x10 slick on a 17" wheel. I was trying to figure this out last week racing and I never considered shifting back down like that. I will have to try that this next weekend. So I am assuming then that there is no way to set that shift point of over-drive by the trinity I have?
Yours is a 05 so you may have something via custom tcm tuning but not to sure. My early 04'er had zero tranny/shift options w/ DSP.

4.86's? As in 4.88's or 4.56's?
Yes, 4.86 is the gear. It is a Richmond gear.
Sweet. I ran Yukon 4.88's for almost 2 years and they were so much fun on the street. Ho Ho Holeshot.
no wonder it shifted up..what was your 60ft and 1/8th times?
Yes, but it shouldn't have shifted up. I was no-where near out of the power band. If I can do 4200 rpm at the finish with 3.92 gears, there should be no reason I cannot be at 5500 in 3rd gear at the finish without going into over-drive. Now if I was at 6400 at the finish line I could see hitting over-drive!

1.96 on the 60' and 8.93 in 1/8.

You have 213k on the odo? WOW! Maybe I will keep mine for a long time.....
yup..213k when I ran the 12.10 too!! yea i find i have to downshift to 2 to hold 3rd gear..our's is electronic and not mechanical so it wont forcibly downshift...
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