Drive shaft play

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Lately I have been noticing a vibration driving my truck between 45 and 65. Figured it was U joints so I jacked the back of the truck up put it in neutral and got under it to check them. I found out that the back u joint is bad and I also noticed where the drive shaft goes into the transfer case has some play. When i was at advance auto parts getting the u joints there is a transfer case shaft bearing that shows up in the computer. Is this something that comonly goes bad and i have to change it? If so how big of a project is it to change?I have had a couple people tell me that is normal and not to worry about it but I figured I would ask on here and maybe someone would know more about it.
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The play was up and down. I was laying under it pushing up on he drive shaft and that's how I noticed it. It's not a crazy amount of play just enough that I noticed t was there and was wondering if it had to be taken care of.
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