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Hi so I've got a 2010 ram 1500 crew cab slt 5.7.
So I recently bought this truck and the guys installed LED's turns in some aftermarket housings. The turns hyperflashed which I took care of today. Along with that quick install today I also cleaned up the wiring. The PO had old dead wiring for some RGB halos in the headlight buckets. They're dead so I removed it. He also has switchback turn bulbs installed so they're white when in neutral position and amber when turns are active.

Upon getting everything back together I ram into an issue. So currently as it sits all the bulbs are in good working order. Right now the left side plate light doesn't work. The left side tail light works in reverse, left turn, and brake lights, but the running light function doesn't work. The left front headlight functions as it should except for the FL turn signal. As a turn signal it functions normal. But being a switch back bulb it doesn't have constant power like the right side to keep it lit up white.

Could anyone give any insight on what could cause just a left side running light issue? Or even a exterior lighting wiring diagram?
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