driving video of my TL Retrofit

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heres a vid of my tl retrofit

75W Denso ballasts
07 Acura TL bixenon projectors
85122+ Philips D2S bulbs
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That cutoff is sick!!! Great job!

Owe you :rep: when I can!
Thanks Timmy. Now you see why I preach retro vs pnp kits!!!
I'm doing mine this summer then jump up to 55W from 35's. Worst part is finding a way around the day time running lights and getting the high beams running with the quads as well.
I'd gladly rip them out for you!!!

And smash the bulbs. Get you a set of projector/bulbs from TRS for 160ish and retro em in.
Are you still running quad lamps or the duals? I would love to run a painted dual setup with the big TL projector, but not sure how the wiring would work.
Only a mini h1 will fit in a quad.
You'll need the splitter out of the quad lights. Low beam to ballast, high beam to cutoff solenoid.

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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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