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Well i finally got around to dropping my truck. I just cut the rear springs a bit for now (1 1/2 coils). I bought an extra set of springs off of craigs list today and that lead me and my buddy to have an idea.

If we cut an additional 1/2-1 coil off, and make limiting straps for the rear that would almost put it at a 3-4" drop in the rear. If we set the limiting chains to allow now rebound, there will be no worry of the springs popping out of the spring cup and be "safer" as far s cut springs go. I would worry about level the front later. Then if I ever need it as a truck unto the chains, po the second second of springs in and voila i can load the bed full. Im still trying to save for the ground force kit and looking for other options in the mean time, it just sits a little too high right now still.

The top of the front wheel arch is 36.5" and the rear is 37.25" (I know the pic is kinda soft, Im going out with my Nikon for a little photoshoot tomorrow, this was taken with my iPhone)

On a side note, my friends dad is about to start making me the moddified CVs for the front when the drop kit is finally in my hands so I can slam this thing to the ground... Im excited
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