dsp usb cable

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hey guys
finally bit the bullet and purchased a dsp, came in the mail yesterday super excited i run out to the truck to put on a tune and I get the "needs update message", well aparently i didnt get the update cable and power adapter. after looking at them online it looks like its just a simple serial to usb cable with a 12v ac. is this all there is to it? looking on ebay these things are close to 80 bucks shipped to my door and i really dont want to spend that if i can just buy a 2 dollar adapter and a 2 dollar power supply.

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idk if you guys have liek a radio shack just a basic electronic store with little things in there like that ....u could take it into one of those places and say this is what i need do u have something that will work for me.....and if not well sorry ur out 80 bangos .....u shoulda went thru Clark( our Rep.) on here maybe he could of gotten u a deal there
never even thought of going through here, i got it on ebay for 300 shipped to my door. not bad seeing as im in canada. well for you people that dont want to send crazy amounts of money on just 2 cables you can do this
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